ANT Switching

SPID Switch and Antenna Switcher/Stackers

SPID Switching and stackers are high power rated, remotely controlled antenna match and switch inside a waterproof house.
This switchers and stanckers can match up to three (3) antennas to the TX/RX output. Any combination of the antennas can be switched to the RADIO MAIN feed and any single antenna can be switched to the RADIO SUB feed. It can be fit up inside the shack or outside on the tower.

SPID ANT swtiching / Stacking  
We do have Available 3 options SPID Switchers:

#1 Type ANT-8 + Manual driver type PANT8M (8-port antenna switch)

#2 Type ANT-8 + PC-Controlled driver PANT8 (8-port antenne switch)

#3 Type ANT-3S + Manual driver type PANT-3S (stack, match and power split to one, two or three antennas

RF HAMDESIGN offers 3 SPID Switch / Stacking systems:

  • ANT Stacking

    3 Antenna Port Stacker / Switcher Manual controlled


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