FDM-S1 Receiver

ELAD FDM-S1 Receiver

is an HF DIrect Conversion receiver working with ADC at 61.44 MHz sampling frequency and an FPGA to convert to a stream I/Q data to 192,384,768,1536 and 3072 kHz I/Q channels @ 32 bit/sample and 6144 kHz I/Q channels @16 bit/sample throught USB 2.0 connections.

The device can be used as sampler for experiment downsampling use taking advantage of the 200MHz front-end of the A/D converter.

FDM-S1 is powered by USB connection due to less than 2,2 W power consumption.
In congiuntion with the FDM-SW1 software included it is possible to demodulate CW, LSB, USB, DSB, AM, SAM, DRM, FM e WFM signals.

FDM-SW1 software include DRM decoder so no need to use external software.

Compact size 90x108x27mm, come with BNC to SMA adapter, USB cable, CD and safe bag.


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