Rotator Accessories

Thrust bearing GS-050

50 mm thrust bearing for mast diameters up to 50 mm, ball bearing design, with 4 installation bolts.

The bearing can be used without a mast platform with guys
The required support ring to attach the guys are supplied with the GS-050.

Small protective metal pieces prevent any damage to the mast when fixing the installation nuts.
Mechanical installation as with the model GS-680U, however, mast diameter only 66 mm. Does not fit the rotator platforms

PRICE: EUR. Request for quote

Thrust bearing GS-065

Thrust bearing for mast diameters up to 65 mm, 8 nuts, double ball bearing design.

All other data see model GS-050.
Diameter of the hole in the mounting platform is 85 mm

PRICE: EUR Request for quote

Thrust bearing GS-680U

Heavy duty thrust bearing with tilt compensation up to 5 degrees.

Mast diameter 35-68 mm, weight approx. 1.4 Kg.
The mast pipe is fixed by means of two mast clamps.
Installation holes same as with GS-65.

The bearing can be disassembled, so it can be mounted on an existing mast without removing the antennas

PRICE: EUR. Request for quote

Connectors for Yaesu rotator control cables

Yaesu 25M-WP set of connectors for current Yaesu rotators.

One 6 pin square connectors for the control unit, one 7 pin round connector with rubber cap for rotators.

Solder connectors.

PRICE: EUR. 25,- = Sale price


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