SPID, type RAS/HR Azimuth & Elevation Rotor

SPID RAS/HR Junction box including new pulse count electronics and IP-68 Connector set.

SPID HIGH RESOLUTION ROTOR for Azimuth & Elevation
RESOLUTION: 0.2 Degree !


SPID RAS/HR and MD-02 is a high persision (track) rototator system
Rotor Controller MD-02 has many functions which can be configured by the user.
For continuous operation a Dual Voltage power supply, type PS-02 is recommend.
SPID RAS/HR rotor is a Dual engine rotor which has installed 2 position sensors (transsmision 0,125 degree on impulse) counting will be 0,1 degree on impulse and readable at the display.

NEWS 2021 / 2022

#1 Now available new model SPID RAS/HR 2022:
New pulse count electronincs and new IP-68 Connector set.

#2 SPID and RF HAMDESIGN introduce new Firmware for MD-0X model controllers (SPID /HR rotor systems)
Check out the SPID / HR Support page and log in with your acces code


To control the rotor through the MD-02 controller module you need 4-core control cable (2*1.5mm2) to control the Azimuth engine and 6-core to detect the positions sensors.

* RAS/HR will handle Medium systems arry's or Parabolic dishes.

SPID RAS/HR rotator can be mount on a pipe of max. 68mm.
We can offer you several mounting brackets which can be used to interface between rotor and your antenna
Note: For smooth Elevation rotation it is recommended to add counterweights to this section to create balance.

Display MD-02
Display MD-02

SPID RAS/HR set is delivered incl.:

* High Resolution RAS/HR Rotor
* MD-02 Rotor Controllor with Display
* MD-01dde Software (to control rotor from PC)
* Build in track interface MD-02 (USB)
* USB driver
* IP-68 Connectors

Specifications /HR Rotator:
DJ5AR (Ham Radio Station Germany)
DJ5AR (Ham Radio Station Germany) 3 Meter Dish incl BIG-RAS/HR rotor

* Double metal worm gear drive reduction for holding position in the wind
* High torque low voltage DC motor.
* Electronic HALL Sensor for position.
* Low backlash.
* Uses 4 core controll cable connection (2-core for each rotator)
* Uses 6 core controll cable connection for Position sensor
* Free Firmware update through Serial port (free of charge)
* Turning speed rotator: Refer Specifications sheet
* Track software available (0.1dgr resolution): PstRotator

MD-02 Rotor Controller
MD-02 Rotor Controller
MD-02 Rotor Controller

SPID RAS/HR CONTROLLER, type MD-02 with build in track interface USB controlled

MD-02 additional options:

* ETHERNET module
* CanBus module for absolute encoders
* CMM module to measure rotation current in Amps
* Mouse to control rotor without touching front panel

Download Specifications sheet (PDF) on this page.

MD-02 and PS-02 combination
MD-02 and PS-02 combination

The SPID RAS/HR needs a dual power supply, 15Volt / 18Volt
We will advise you Power Supply Unit PS-02

More options:

* Download data from PC through COM and USB.
* Change the MD-01 program through PC - write new software (there is no need to exchange processor !)
* There is a possibility of controlling external devices throughout l2C or SPI rail.
* Processor LPC1768 (32 bits and 512 processors memory)

Power Supply Module: PS-02
Power Supply Module: PS-02
Power Supply Module: PS-02

PS-02, SPID Dual Voltage Power Supply unit for use with SPID RAS/HR and MD-02
This unit supplies the MD-02 controller and rotor body.

We will advice you to use the SPID RAS/HR + MD-02 with Power Supply PS-02 with supplied Module: 150W and 500W
PS-02 module has a protected circuit for over voltage and automatic switch on/off ventilators and delivered incl connectors.

For current prices, download price list EURO
Azimuth & Elevation Rotator (RAS/HR):
Delivered incl. Controller type MD02, software.
(Weight AZ rotator: 15 Kg)
Actual Price: Refer price list
Ethernet Module Actual Price: Refer price list
CCM - CURRENT CONTROL MODULE measurement tool for AZ and EL motor, Part number: SPID-CCM Actual Price: Refer price list
Mouse to control max 2-axis 25,00
Power Supply PS-02, Supplied incl PSU units 150W and 500W DC / input 100 ~ 240 Volt AC Actual Price: Refer price list
Control cable necessary for AZ&EL motor, 4-core (4x1,5mm2 sq): Actual Price: Refer price list
Control cable necessary for positions sensors 6-core (6x0,25mm2 sq): Actual Price: Refer price list
Connector Set MD-0X or PS-0X
(P/N: MD-X15)


Shipment is to lot's of countries possible, we will be
glad to
E-mail you a quotation, or use the Quote request page.

All prices are inc. 21% VAT, if your delivery address is outsite the EU countries no V.A.T. applies, and no VAT applies, if you are inside the EU countries and holding a V.A.T. number.

Download Specification Sheet & Support
Download SPID RAS/HR Spec. sheet
Download SPID RAS/HR Spec. sheet

Download [605 KB] SPID RAS/HR Antenna rotor Specifications Sheet.

SPID High Resolution support page is available for:
(Note: Page needs log-in, for RF HAMDESIGN Clients only

* Firmware update
* Download MD-01 Software
* Dirvers
* User Manual

NEW Software Available !

SPID MD-0X New relaese firmware available !

You can download the necessary files in our /HR support page area.

New SPID Firmware version v.2.xxx is available and new version User interface: SPIDMD01_DDE program for MD-0X controllers


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