SPID, type RAS/HR Azimuth & Elevation Rotor



Junction box including new pulse count electronics and IP-68 Connector set.

SPID HIGH RESOLUTION ROTOR for Azimuth & Elevation
RESOLUTION: 0.2 Degree !


SPID RAS/HR and MD-02 is a high persision (track) rototator system
Rotor Controller MD-02 has many functions which can be configured by the user.
For continuous operation a Dual Voltage power supply, type PS-02 is recommend.
SPID RAS/HR rotor is a Dual engine rotor which has installed 2 position sensors (transsmision 0,125 degree on impulse) counting will be 0,1 degree on impulse and readable at the display.

NEWS 2021:

#1 Now available new model SPID RAS/HR:
New pulse count electronincs and new IP-68 Connector set.

#2 For existing RAS/HR users:
Upgrade set new pulse count electronics + IP-68 Connector set.
Check page: Upgrade set /HR rotors

#3 RF HAMDESIGN is looking for NEW firmware testers from serious users of SPID HR rotor systems !
If you are interested, let us know, we will update you with more info
Use the Quote request page to request more info regarding new firmware and let us know which model rotor system you use !

Available is new firmware v.2.0 (Beta-Version) and new version SPIDMD01_DDE program for MD-01 or MD-02 controller


To control the rotor through the MD-02 controller module you need 4-core control cable (2*1.5mm2) to control the Azimuth engine and 8-core to detect the positions sensors.

* RAS/HR will handle Medium systems arry's or Parabolic dishes.

SPID RAS/HR rotator can be mount on a pipe of max. 68mm.
We can offer you several mounting brackets which can be used to interface between rotor and your antenna
Note: For smooth Elevation rotation it is recommended to add counterweights to this section to creare balance

Display MD-02

SPID RAS/HR set is delivered incl.:

* High Resolution RAS/HR Rotor
* MD-02 Rotor Controllor with Display
* MD-01dde Software (to control rotor from PC)
* Build in track interface MD-02 (USB)
* USB driver
* Connectors

Specifications /HR Rotator:

DJ5AR (Ham Radio Station Germany)

3 Meter Dish incl BIG-RAS/HR rotor

* Double metal worm gear drive reduction for holding position in the wind
* High torque low voltage DC motor.
* Electronic HALL Sensor for position.
* Low backlash.
* Uses 4 core controll cable connection (2-core for each rotator)
* Uses 8 core controll cable connection for Position sensor
* Free Firmware update through Serial port (free of charge)
* Turning speed rotator: Refer Specifications sheet
* Track software available (0.1dgr resolution): Orbitron, PstRotator, (Moonsked soon available)

MD-02 Rotor Controller

MD-02 Rotor Controller


SPID RAS/HR CONTROLLER, type MD-02 with build in track interface USB controlled !

The MD-02 Controller has plug outs for, COM0, COM1, USB device, USB HOST ( in future ), I2C, SPI .
Also a ETHERNET module can be placed, aswell a RS425 or RS422 can be placed.

MD-02 has installed a fast processor, LPC1768 ( 100Mhz ) or LPC1769 ( 120Mhz ) with high program memory
A different programm or a modified programm can be easy add or changed.
Standard is a basic program installed, (functions similiar to BIG-RAS Driver) but custom made is possible.

MD-02 and PS-02 combination

The SPID RAS/HR needs a dual power supply, 15Volt / 22Volt
We will advise you Power Supply Unit PS-02

More options:

* Additional USB plug out
* Download data from PC through COM and USB.
* Change the MD-01 program through PC - write new software (there is no need to exchange processor !)
* There is a possibility of controlling external devices throughout l2C or SPI rail.
* Processor LPC1768 (32 bits and 512 processors memory)

Power Supply Module: PS-02

Power Supply Module: PS-02

PS-02, Insite PSU module

PS-02, SPID Dual Voltage Power Supply unit for use with SPID RAS/HR and MD-02

This unit supplies the MD-02 unit and other units which need a other voltage and or more current.

We will advice you to use the SPID RAS/HR + MD-02 with Power Supply PS-02 with installed Module: 1* 150W / 15Volts - 10Amp and 1* 480W / 22Volts - 22Amp.
Note: on request, if you need lower rotation speed we can supply you a different Power module for PS-02

PS-02 module has a protected circuit for over voltage and automatic switch on/off ventilators and delivered incl connectors.

Diagramm PS-02 [34 KB]

(Export Price)
Azimuth & Elevation Rotator (RAS/HR):
Delivered incl. Controller type MD02, software.
(Weight AZ rotator: 15 Kg)
1536,00 1269,42
Ethernet Module 89 73.55
Mouse to control max 2-axes 25,00 20,66
Power Supply PS-02, Delivered incl PSU: 1* 15Volt/10Amp & 1* 22Volt/22Amp.
AC input 100 ~ 240 Volt AC
486,00 401,65
Control cable necessary for AZ&EL motor, 4-core (4x1,5mm2 sq): 66,00 / 25 Mtr 54,54 / 25 Mtr
Control cable necessary for positions sensors 6-core (6x0,25mm2 sq): 42,00 / 25 Mtr 34,71 / 25 Mtr
Length >25Meter need screened positions sensor control cable. Refer pricelist Refer Pricelist
ADAPTOR SPID 39,00 32,23
Connector Set MD-0X or PS-0X
(P/N: MD-X15)
15,00 12,40


Shipment is to lot's of countries possible, we will be
glad to
E-mail you a quotation, or use the Quote request page.

All prices are inc. 21% VAT, if your delivery address is outsite the EU countries no V.A.T. applies, and no VAT applies, if you are inside the EU countries and holding a V.A.T. number.

Download Specification Sheet & Support

Download SPID RAS/HR Spec. sheet

Download [581 KB] SPID RAS/HR Antenna rotor Specifications Sheet.

SPID High Resolution support page is available for:
(Note: Page needs log-in, for RF HAMDESIGN Clients only

* Firmware update
* Download MD-01 Software
* Dirvers
* User Manual