Portable Tripod

STR-04 and RF HAMDESIGN 3.0Mtr Mesh Dish
STR-04 and RF HAMDESIGN 3.0Mtr Mesh Dish (Included: BIG-RAS/HR + UA-02 Bracket + CLX-05 Bracket)

The RF HAMDESIGN / SPID portable Tripod (and four-legged frame) is suitable for both stationary and mobile applications.

Primarily designed for Rotator and antennas, it can be used for other devices as well, such as heliostats or telescopes.
It is suitable for use with the all SPID & SPX Single and Dual ax rotators.
You can find all models Antenna rotators on our web-site SPID ANTENNA RORATORS & SPX Antenna Rotators

The tripod will comfortably withstand harsh environmental conditions - wind speeds of up to 160 km/h (100 mph) and temperatures down to -40°C, with the rotator, dish and potential counterweights fitted.

Several models tripod available, some do have a fixed mast length and some do have a variable mast length, with the leg spread fixed at 90 or 120° around the mast and the feet centered.
The telescopic upper legs can be adjusted individually for a coarse level adjustment on uneven or inclined mounting surfaces (Model STR-02, STR-02 & STR-04)

Models available:
We can offer 2 models tripod and 2 models 4-legged frame:

Model STR-01, Tripod, Max hight 670 – 830mm / Max load 30kg – Page 2
Model STR-02, 4-legged frame, Max hight 1708mm / Max load 100kg – Page 3
Model STR-03, 4-legged frame, Max hight 1500-2500mm / Max load 100kg – Page 5
Model STR-04, Tripod, Hight 1708mm / Max load 100kg - Page 9

Download full Specifications Sheet Portable Tripod [1.870 KB]


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