BIG-RAS Azimuth & Elevation rotator
BIG-RAS Azimuth & Elevation rotator
BIG-RAS Azimuth & Elevation rotator
BIG-RAS Azimuth & Elevation rotator

SPID Azimuth and Elevation Rotator (BIG-RAS) is a heavy duty antenna rotator with Controller.

This rotator is designed for very large satellite antennas and comes complete with an electronic control unit.

The rotator is designed to be mounted on a pipe or on an optional adaptor plate for conventional in-tower mounting.
Note: For smooth Elevation rotation it is recommended to add counterweights to this section to create balance.

Heavy duty antenna mounting bracket
Heavy duty antenna mounting bracket

The AZ & EL rotator can be mount on a pipe of max. 68mm.
Max. diameter pipe for elevation is 52mm.
A Heavy Duty mounting bracket is available, to mount for example a 3Meter Dish at the rotator.

Specifications Rotator:

* Double metal worm gear drive reduction for holding position in the wind.
* High torque low voltage DC motor.
* Magnetic reed switch gives 1 pulse per 0.5 degree resolution !!
* Low backlash.
* Uses 8 wire cable connection (4 for each rotator)


Standard RAS <> BIG RAS:

* 2* Double worm drive
* 120 teeth's = 30% more gear than RAS
* Minimum 2 times stronger than standard RAS
* Weight = 22 kG
* Resolution = 0.5 degree !!
* Will handle Big systems arry's, dishes up to 5 Meter !!
* Voltage 12 up to 18 VOLT DC MAX !

Supplied included Rot2Prog standard controller
AZ & EL Controller insite view
AZ & EL Controller insite view

* Twin Green LED digital readout.
* Integrated computer track interface (USB)
* Manual or computer control.
* 0.5 degree resolution.
* Emulates Yaesu GS-232 protocol or uses its own SPID protocol.
(Note: In Emulation modes only the most basic commands can be used)
* Modified 'mouse' supplied for easy manual control.

Technical data:
Azimuth angle of turn: 360° +/- 180°
Elevation angle of turn: 180° +/-20°
Azimuth rotation speed: 120 sec. (12V), 100 sec. (18V)
Elevation rotation speed: 80 sec. (12V), 45 sec. (18V)
Motor voltage: Max 18 Volts DC
Weight: 22 kg

The AZ & EL Rotator needs an external power supply of 12... 18V DC Max.
Available power supplies page

NEW Model Rotor Controller MD-03
MD-03 rotor controller
MD-03 rotor controller

New model standard controller available @ RF HAMDESIGN.

This MD-03 will replace the Rot1Prog and Rot2Prog controllers in near future.
(Standard controllers are still available, but will be sold out soon)

Existing users of Rot1 or Rot2Prog controllers can change to MD-03 if needed.

RF HAMDESIGN Already offers the new MD-03 and PS-03 (Power supply) for use with all standard pulse count SPID and SPX antenna rotators.

MD-03 rotor controller is supplied incl:
Connector set
Built in Track interface for Azimuth and Elevation and X/Y rotators
Flash firmware (Easy to do by user)
Access to our /HR support page (how to flash the MD-03)
Setup Doc (PDF) to start with MD-03 controller
Option available: Ethernet Module, Mouse, Current Measurement Module CMM and Power supply PS-03.

MD-03 and PS-03
MD-03 and PS-03

Weight MD-03: 3Kg
Dimensions MD-03: 34x26x6,5 cm (WxLxH)
Operations voltage 12...18Vols DC / 15Amp (Suitable Power supply: PS-03)

MD-03 controller fits to all standard pulse count rotators: SPID RAS, BIG-RAS, RAK, BIG-RAK, RAU and RAEL rotators, as well all SPX standard pulse count rotators.

Power supply:
Refer price list for PS-03 Power supply which fits to MD-03

Download Specifications sheet in PDF [297 KB] for MD-03 and PS-03

Tracking interface included

SOFTWARE for SPID BIG AZ & EL ROTOR and Rot2Prog / MD-03:

There are many more computer track porgram which can operate with SPID Controllers
Downlaod Rotor specifications sheet (PDF) on this page for more info)

Track Software is available for EME (Moonbounce), Radio Astronomy and Satellite Tracking applications and lot more.

Most used is PstRotator - Universal Track software, for Azimuth and Elevation, shareware
(PST rotor can be used as a step-up for track software that does not directly support the SPID protocol Rot2Prog)

*Note: All SPID rotators are able to emulate Hy-Gain, Yaesu and Orion control units, is it compatible to almost any software.
(Note: In Emulation modes only the most basic commands can be used)

For current prices, download price list  
Delivered incl. standard controller, build in track interface (USB), software, USB cable, special controll mouse.
Refer Price list for actual price
Delivered incl. MD-03 controller, build in track interface (USB), software, USB cable, special controll mouse.
Refer Price list for actual price
Control cable 2*4-core (8x1,5mm2 sq): Refer Price list for actual price
ADAPTOR SPID Refer Price list for actual price
Download SPID RAS Specifications sheet
Download SPID RAS Specifications sheet

Download Specifications SPID BIG-RAS [284 KB] in PDF Formats


Shipment is to lot's of countries possible, we will be
glad to
E-mail you a quotation, or use the Quote request page.

All prices are inc. 21% VAT, if your delivery address is outsite the EU countries no V.A.T. applies, and no VAT applies, if you are inside the EU countries and holding a V.A.T. number.



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