2320MHz Slot antenna

2320MHz (13cm) Slotted waveguide Ant.
2320MHz (13cm) Slotted waveguide Ant.

Omnidirectional Sector Waveguide SLOT Antenna
C Band 2320MHz

The slotted waveguide has achieved most of its success when used in an omnidirectional role. It is the simplest way to get a real 10dB gain over 360 degrees of beamwidth

The Slotted waveguide antenna is a Horizontally Polarized type antenna, light in weight and weather proof.
3 Tuning screws are placed for tweaking the SWR and can be used to adjust the center frequency of your choice.

Measurement plot return loss Vs. SWR
Measurement plot return loss Vs. SWR

Antenna is made of aluminum, mast mount of galvanized steel and nuts of stainless steel.
All the 12 slots are milled with high Precision on a CNC milling machine.

This antenna is available for frequencies on your request, please mail your frequency.

PRICE: Download price list page
Type: SL2320 (2300...2400MHZ) Other freq. on request

Antenna is tuned to your specifications and come's with a measurement Plot of our Network Analzyer. (click right picture for example)

Specifications:   2300....2400 MHz (13cm)
Gain 9,3 dB .
Weight 3,4 kG (7.5 lbs)  
Length 103 cm (3.4 ft)  
Max. RF power 1000 Watts  
RF Connector N-Connector Female  
VSWR 1.0: 1  
Return loss >30 dB (typ. 34dB)  
impedance 50 ohm  
Mast clamp 48.....54mm  
Graphical display [12 KB] H plane
type SL2320 over 360 degrees
N-connector and tune screw's
N-connector and tune screw's

How a Slotted Waveguide Antenna Works

This antenna, called A slotted waveguide, is a very low loss transmission line.
It allows to propagate signals to a number of smaller antennas (slots). The signal is coupled into the waveguide with a simple coaxial probe, and as it travels along the guide it traverses the slots.
Each of these slots allows a little of the energy to radiate. The slots are in a linear array pattern. The waveguide antenna transmits almost all of its energy at the horizon, usually exactly where we want it to go. Its exceptional directivity in the elevation plane gives it quite high power gain. Additionally, unlike vertical colinear antennas, the slotted waveguide transmits its energy using HORIZONTAL polarization, the best type for distance transmission !!

USER PICTURE Slotted waveguide antenna
Beacon transmitter ON0KUL
Beacon transmitter ON0KUL

ON4IY placed a 13cm slotted waveguide antenna at: 2320,975 MHz, QRA JO20kv, 110 mASL.

Beacon call is: ON0KUL/B

More info of this beacon can be found at: ON4IY


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