SPID HR Antenna Rotators

HIGH RESOLUTION ROTOR for Azimuth and Azimuth and Elevation
RESOLUTION: 0.2 and 0.1 Degree !

This new series SPID HR (High Resolution) Rotors set, type RAS/HR, BIG-RAS/HR and BIG-RAK/HR and there new build controller MD-01 and MD-02 is a high persision (track) rototator system.
Also available SPID new Triangle Tower rotor, type RING/HR

Rotor Controller MD-01 and MD-02 has many functions which can be configured by the user, a Dual Voltage power supply, type PS-01 and PS-02 is also available to combine to a complete Antenna Track system

This High Resolutions Rotators has installed an position sensors (transsmision 0,0058 degree on impulse) counting will be 0,2 and 0,1 degree on impulse. (Depends on model)

Each Rotor set is standard supplied incl. controller type: MD-01 or MD-02
* MD-01 Controller = 19" Rack mount model
* MD-02 Controller = Desk top model
(MD-01 & MD-02 controllers Elektronic is the same ! )

RAK/HR AZ ROTOR Azimuth High Resolution model, more.....

BIG-RAK/HR AZ ROTOR Azimuth High Resolution model, more.....

Rotator Accessoires Brackets to interface rotor to Dish..... more

RAS/HR AZ & EL ROTOR Azimuth & Elevation High Resolution model, more.....

BIG-RAS/HR AZ & EL ROTOR NEW !!! SPID BIG-RAS/HR, Azimuth & Elevation High Resolution model !

/HR SUPPORT PAGE Support /HR SPID Rotators

RING/HR ROTOR New model SPID Rotor to mount on a Triangle tower

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All SPID Standard Rotators can also be controlled by a MD-01 or MD-02 controller instead of a standard controller !
Each MD-01 and MD-02 controller can handle 2 rotators:.......

The MD-01 or MD-02 controller can be configured as a standard SPID controller which works by puls detection, (refer SPID ANTENNA ROTATORS Page) but the MD-01 and MD-02 controllers do have much more options, some of them:

- Free to set 3 step soft stop and start functions
- USB controlled incl deliverd control software MD01dde.exe
- MD-01 / MD-02 runs at separate power supply (PS-01 / PS-02)
- Engines of the rotor can run faster than standard 18volts ! (separate PSU PS-01 / PS-02)
- Free of charges firmware updates (simply done by yourself)
- If needed, upgrade to a High Resolution rotor (/HR) done by the HALL sensor upgrade set

Refer our Info sheet of possibilties [566 KB] regarding all SPID rotor options in PDF formats

SPID & CubeSat miniaturised satellite....

BRITE: First Polish Scientific Satellite Station

Tracking by SPID rotor and RF HAMDESIGN 3 Meter Dish

A CubeSat is a miniaturised satellite (10x10x10 cm, weighing 1 kg) which offers all the standard functions of a normal satellite.

RF HAMDESIGN has delivered complete receiveing and transceiving antenna dishes for many of these projects

Typically, some university builds a CubeSat and launches it into low-Earth orbit. It also builds or already has available a ground station to track the CubeSat and enable uplink/downlink telecommunications by using a parabolic dish antenna and a SPID track system.

More info on CubeSat can be found at: https://www.qb50.eu/

Suitable Tracking Dish Antenna Rotators incl build in track interface can be found at our SPID rotator page

Project in Poland, there Scientific Satellite in SPID and RF HAMDESIGN Equipment, find more in at: http://www.brite-pl.pl/index_en.html