3.0 Meter Dish EME Setup

3 METER DISH KIT mounted at a tower.

Download 3M0 Dish EME Full Setup

Due to the many requests we have summarized a complete list for an EME 1296MHz Setup HAM Radio Station.

This 3.0 Meter Mesh Dish Setup for 1296MHz EME is a Bundle setup completed incl all parts to start with EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) communication
Not included is a Preamplifier, Receiver, Transmitter, coax cables etc.
But In a few words, a fully matched passive system to start with EME with an 3.0M dish + Moon Autotrack Rotor system and Circular Dual Mode dsh feed.

User info 3.0 Meter DISH 1296MHz:

When used as an EME station...........

Using 50W to operate various EME stations and 100W to hear your own echo’s back and forth from the moon !
(Note: The RX Part of your system should be in perfect condition with at least a 0.5dB NF preamplifier and a well illuminated Dish)
Above info is based by use of digital mode WSJTX

Download Full 3M0 Bundle list 1296MHz EME [356 KB] in PDF Formats.
(Actual price can be found in the bundle list)
Part number DISH 3M0 EME setup: EME-3M0

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