Model STR-04

STR-04 Tripod

Model STR-04, Heavy duty Tripod, Max hight 1708mm / Max load 100kg

Model STR-04 is a Heavy-Duty Tripod, solid base and easy to setup and can used for a heavy rotor, for example our SPID BIG-RAS/HR Azimuth and Elevation or all SPX rotators systems.
Mounting a 3M0 Dish is possible with the setup.

Picture above is setup included: 3.0 Meter RF HAMDESIGN Mesh Dish and SPID BIG-RAS/HR AZ&EL rotor system and UA-02 Mounting bracket incl. counter weight arms

STR-04 Tripod

Download Specifications Sheet Portable Tripod [1.870 KB]

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