EME DISH bundles

EME Bundles Dish Setup options

Due to the many requests we have summarized a complete list for an EME 1296MHz Setup HAM Radio Station.

This setup is used for 1296MHz EME and is a Bundle setup completed incl all parts to start with EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) communication
Not included is a Preamplifier, Receiver, Transmitter, coax cables, Tri-Pod/tower, etc etc.

But In a few words, a fully matched passive system to start with EME with a dish + Moon Autotrack Rotor system and Circular Dual Mode dsh feed.

Important, before you get very excited, first inquire about the current delivery time.

1.9 Meter DISH EME Setup Full EME setup 1.9 Meter Mesh Dish, more......

2.4 Meter DISH EME setup Full EME setup 2.4 Meter Mesh Dish, more......

3.0 Meter Dish EME Setup Full EME setup 3.0 Meter Mesh Dish, more......