1.9 Meter DISH EME Setup

Download 1296MHz, 1M9 Dish EME Full Setup
Download 1296MHz, 1M9 Dish EME Full Setup

Due to the many requests we have summarized a complete list for an EME 23cm Setup HAM Radio Station.

This 1.9 Meter Mesh Dish Setup for 23cm EME is a Bundle setup completed incl all parts to start with EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) communication
Not included is a Preamplifier, Receiver, Transmitter, coax cables etc.
But In a few words, a fully matched passive system to start with EME with an 1.9M dish + Moon Autotrack Rotor system and Circular Dual Mode dsh feed.

User info 1.9 Meter DISH 23cm:

When used as an EME station...........

Using 100W to operate various EME stations and 400W to hear your own echo’s back and forth from the moon !
(Note: The RX Part of your system should be in perfect condition with at least a 0.5dB NF preamplifier and a well illuminated Dish)
Above info is based by use of digital mode WSJTX

Download Full Bundle list 1296MHz EME [454 KB] in PDF Formats.
(Actual price can be found in the bundle list)
Part number DISH 1M9 EME setup: EME-1M9

Request for freight charges quote: Request Quote

NEWS 23cm HAM Radio Band segment:
The latest IARU presentation update is that the GALILEO signal occupies 1258.29 to 1299.21 MHz.
Is it likely that EME activity would move to 1299.300 or maybe higher?
To be continued.


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