DJ5AR Ham Radio Station Germany

DJ5AR with installed Tower and 3 meter RF HAMDESIGN DISH + BIG-RAS/HR rotator.

LA4ANA Ham Radio Station Norway

1296MHz HAM Radio EME Station

1296MHz EME Ham Radio station, 1M9 Mesh Dish and 1296MHz Septum LHCP/RHCP Dish feed.
SPID Model RAS Rotor is mounted for Azimuth and Elevation rotor.

Technical University of Cartagena, Spain

University of Cartagena Crew & 3Meter DISH

Setup of a 3 Meter DISH at the Technical University of Cartagena
A duty with our students and society !

University Cartagena did made a nice 3 Meter Dish setup with a RF HAMDESIGN DISH KIT
Also was done a lot of measurement at the dish and Dish Feed.

Click to Download Documentation PDF

To read complete, very interesting documentation they made, open or download the PDF file:.....

Start to read or download: University of Cartagena PDF [2.443 KB]

PA3KTV 2.4 Meter DISH PICK-UP at trailer

2.4 Meter DISH build up ready to use and ready for transport.

PA3KTV picked it up at his own trailer for transport.

PA3KTV is active with ATV 23/13/6cm

2.4 Meter dish delivered incl 3-band 23/13/6 cm band dish feed tuned to ATV frequency.

ON4SHF Contest group 1.9 Meter DISH 1296 MHz

ON4SHF Contest group

1296MHz - 1.9metre dish

Belgium active contest group on 70cm, 23cm, 13cm, 6cm, 3cm and 1,2cm from JO20KW.

ON4CDQ Peter, ON4CJQ Jerry, ON4CDU Hans, ON4QJ Erwin, ON5DRE Kevin, ON4IY Christophe

Note from Jerry -ON4CJQ:
Nice built dish, working as o bomb !!

Mounting the 1.9meter dish including deliverd 23cm horn dish feed.

View from distance..............

SHF-Contest group, DF0YY in JO62GD with 1.9 meter DISH for 1296MHz

German active caontest group on UHF / SHF.
Working with there 1.9m-Dish in JO62GD

Jens, DL7VTX, one of the operators of DF0YY, did write us:

We all were exited working with the 'huge' dish on 23cm !
So we decided to buy another dish for higher SHF-Band 13-6cm

vy 73s, de Jens, DL7VTX

UHF / SHF-Station, PA1RHQ, 23,13,6 & 3cm

Multiband Dish feed in front of a 1.2 meter dish supplied with double 6.2mm Mesh to cover 10368MHz range

UHF / SHF-Station, Joel - F6FHP, France

F6FHP 23 and 13 cm 1.9Meter DISH KIT.

Dish delivered inc dual band 1296MHz and 2320 MHz dish feed

Replay from Joel - F6FHP,

Dear Frank,

I'am very happy with the dish, it's a great antenna on 23 & 13 cm !

Kind regards, Joel.

National Institute of Aeronautics and Space of Indonesia (LAPAN)

RF HAMDESIGN Supplier to the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space of Indonesia

SPID BIG-RAS rotator inc 3meter DISH

Second delivered SPID RAS rotator mounted at a 4 meter solid DISH !

SPID RAS rotators mounted at 2 dishes.

UK HAM Radio Station 1296 MHz

1.9 Meter Dish and 1296MHz Linear Horn Feed

HAM Radio Station G4DHF and 1.9 Meter Dish + 1296MHz Linear Horn Dish Feed

Belgiun HAM Radio station - portable setup



HAM Radio station DC9UP (Germany)

RF HAMDESIGN DISH 3.0 Meter, installed at tower. (Germany)

3 Meter RF HAMDESIGN DISH Assembly at ESTEC (ESA) loaction The Netherlands.

Inc. SPID BIG-RAS antenna rotator.
(Earth orbit Satellite ground station)
In the ESA room:.......

3Meter DISH without outer rim
3Meter DISH ready to mount mesh
Mounting the mesh (On picture: Dirk van Harten)
3Meter DISH ready to mount for dish feed
Click to enlerge picture. (On picture Frank - PA4FP)
3Meter Dish and BIG-RAS/HR in use at CBK (space analysis center) in Poland.
RF HAMDESIGN 3Meter DISH installed with SPID BIG-RAS/HR rotator in Poland
3 Meter RF HAMDESIGN DISH ready to use placed at Santa Clara University roof, U.S.A.
Pictures SPID BIG-RAS antenna rotator.
Picture with all of the kids was when about 15 students at the university were watching us installing the dish and wanted to help
- so finally when we needed to mount the dish on the rotor everybody volunteered !
RF HAMDESIGN 3Meter DISH installed and ready to use with SPID BIG-RAS
Other 3 Meter RF HAMDESIGN DISH placed near Santa Clara University, at back site 12meter DISH
RF HAMDESIGN 1.2Meter Mesh Dish and LHCP custom made dish feed @ Institute of Aviation in Warsaw mounted on a SPX-02/HR rotor system.

1M2 Mesh Dish in action

Check You tube Movie in action 1M2 Mesh Dish @ location.