Radio Astronomy

LHCP Helix DISH Feed

Radio Astronomy Frequencies dish feed...... 1400 - 1427 MHz

LHCP HELIX dish feed, Left Hand Circular Polarization
(Other frequency and/or RHCP = P/N: LH-23XLR on request)

* Connector N-Female
* 50 ohm
* Return loss > 30dB
* Waterproof
* F/D: 0.45 - 0.5 (Prime Focus)
* Dimensions: D=110mm / L=200mm
* Feed clamp available, type CLX1

PRICE: EUR. 121,00
P/N: LH-23RA

Note: HELIX Dish feeds are available for other frequency. Mail for info

1.2M dish and LHCP Dish feed.

PRICE: EUR. 121,00

Note: HELIX Dish feeds are available for other frequency. Mail for info

Radio Astronomy Low Noise Preamplifier

1400 - 1460MHz Preamplifier Radio Astronomy

1400 - 1460 MHz Radio Astronomy Low Noise Preamplifier

Frequency Range: 1400 - 1460 MHz
* Gain: 32 dB
* Noise figure: 0.38 dB
* DC supply voltage: 10...15 V DC
* Supply current: 80 mA
* Connector: Input N-Male
* Connector: Output N-Female
* Diemensions: 124 x 39 x 23 mm
* Weight: 150 gram
* Case: Milled Aluminum
* 4 x M2 threaded holes on the bottom to mount the LNA

PRICE: EUR. 486,00 incl. VAT / Export price EUR 401.65
P/N: PR-1420

On request available build in waterproof enclosure incl mast mount

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