RF HAMDESIGN SPX Antenna Rotators

SPX offers a light duty up to a heavy duty Antenna Rotor System including controller.
Resolution starts with 1 degree for the Azimuth rotators, Azimuth & Elevation rotators starts with 0.5 degree up to 0.2 degree resolution.

SPX offers strong enough torque to break ice and rotate a large VHF/UHF antenna / dishes under strong wind loads and icy conditions.
The antenna mast-mount plate is as option available, standard supplied for mounting at a flat plate.

SPX offers Different model Antenna rotators:

Type: SPX-361, Azimuth Rotor system, Light Duty
Type: SPX-362, Azimuth Rotor system, Medium Duty

Type: SPX-01, Azimuth & Elevation, Light Duty
Type: SPX-02, Azimuth & Elevation, Medium Duty

Type: SPX-02/EL, Elevation, Medium Duty

Type: SPX-03, Azimuth & Elevation, Heavy Duty
Type: SPX-05, Azimuth & Elevation, XXL-Heavy Duty (N/A)

Type: SPX MB90, Mobile Tilt Rotor, Model 1 and 2

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SPX-361 Azimuth Rotor Light Duty, more........

SPX-362 Azimuth Rotor Medium Duty, more........

SPX-01 AZ & EL SPX-01, Light Duty Azimuth & Elevation Rotator, Standard and high resolution, model SPX-01...... more...

SPX-02 AZ & EL SPX-02, Medium Duty Azimuth & Elevation Rotator, Standard and high resolution, model SPX-02...... more...

SPX-03 AZ & EL SPX-03, Heavy Duty roto, Azimuth & Elevation, Standard and high resolution, model SPX-03........more:

SPX-02 Elevation rotor SPX-02/EL, Elevation Rotor incl Controller

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