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How to File a Technical Support Request ?

Filing a Support Request (SR) online is the fastest method to file an SR and is available to all customers covered by one of our support contracts or by the purchase of a support incident.
Please note: We only support products which are purchased from RF HAMDESIGN BV, The Netherlands

Very important:

We are pleased to support you and if you ask for support we will do our best to solve the problem, but.....................
We need a correct Description of your issue !.

For example:
"Our Antenna Rotator does not rotate anymore, what can i do?"
With this description we can NOT support you, we need more info

For example:
"Our Antenna Rotator does not count pulse"
With this info we can NOT support you, we need more info

The form:

Fill out the form below and send it to us
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: An incomplete form will not be processed !

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How / when the error occurred ? *
If report SPID rotor issue: Which Firmware version is installed ? *
Was there an unusual event that caused the error? Was the device misused ? *
Other necessary information ? *
Do you have suggestions for improvements to the product or documentation ?
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