Azimuth & Elevation Rotor System SPX-06/AZ&EL/ABS
Azimuth & Elevation Rotor System SPX-06/AZ&EL/ABS
SPX-06/AZ&EL/ABS Mounted on STR-08/105 Pedestal

SPX-06/AZ&EL/ABS Antenna rotor is designed to rotate in Azimuth & Elevation plane.

SPX-06/AZ&EL/ABS is supplied incl controller and software.
Positions sensors are Absolute Encoders.

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Ready to use AZ & EL rotor incl software and performed with Absolute Encoders
MD-02 Dual-Axe SPX-06/AZ&EL/HR controller.
MD-02 Dual-Axe SPX-06/AZ&EL/HR controller.

SPX-06/AZ&EL/ABS is supplied incl controller, model MD-01 or MD-02 which is standard loaded with our new firmware

Unique AZ&EL Rotor System in this price range:.......

With this new MD-0x software you can control a AZ&EL Antenna rotor by using your favorite Azimuth and Elevation tracking software
Connect the MD-0X controller to your PC, install you favorite track program, sent Azimuth and Elevation data to the controller and the rotor will rotate in AZ & EL plane
It is also possible to drive the controller by manual use during front buttons on front of the controller.

Setup SPX-06/AZ&EL/ABS rotor system
UA-02 Bracket mounted to SPX-06/AZ&EL/ABS
UA-02 Bracket mounted to SPX-06/AZ&EL/ABS UA-02 is optional

To control the rotor through the MD-01 or MD-02 controller you need 4-core control cable for motor (1.5mm2) and 6-core shielded control cable for positions control

* SPX-06/AZ&EL/ABS will handle heavy Duty systems arry's and 1 - 4.5Meter diameter RF HAMDESIGN Mesh Dish.

Note: For smooth Azimuth & Elevation rotation it is recommended to add counterweights.

UA-02 Bracket mounted to SPX-06/AZ&EL/HR
UA-02 Bracket mounted to SPX-06/AZ&EL/HR UA-02 is optional

A perfect combination is to ad UA-02 Antenna mounting Bracket, this UA-02 is supplied incl heavy duty mounting surface and counter weight arms (counter weights are not included, simple use exercise dumbbells.)
The UA-02 bracket is interfaced to the rotor by a 45....48mm round pipe (Not included delivery UA-02)

Optional available a SPID PS-01 or PS-02 power supply which fits perfect to MD-01 / MD-02

SPX-06/AZ&EL/ABS supplied included:
SPX-06/AZ&EL and STR-08/105
SPX-06/AZ&EL and STR-08/105 (STR-08/105 is optional)

* SPX-06/AZ&EL/AS main body rotor + Flat plate mounting platform
* Postions sensors: Abolute Encoders
* MD-01 or MD-02 Rotor Controllor with Display
* MD-01dde Software (to control rotor from PC)
* Build in track interface and version v2.0.xxx Firmware (USB)
* IP-68 Connectors
* Connectors used for control cable and power supply
* Fast setup document (RF HAMDESIGN Document)
* Free and fast reply during support questions
* Acces RF HAMDESIGN SPX and SPID Technical Support page

Rotor System, Supplied incl. Controller type MD-01 or MD-02, software.
Part number: SPX-06/AZ&EL/ABS
Actual Price: Refer price list
Ethernet Module
Part No: SPID ET
Actual Price: Refer price list
CCM - CURRENT CONTROL MODULE measurement tool both motors.
Part number: SPID-CCM
Actual Price: Refer price list
Power Supply AC input 100 ~ 240 Volt AC / Dual voltage output DC
Part number: PS-01 or PS-02
Actual Price: Refer price list
Control cables, Pedestal, more options, check Specifications sheet. Actual Price: Refer price list
Antenna Mounting Bracket, Steel / Galvanized.
Part No: UA-02
Actual Price: Refer price list
Spare Connector Set MD-0X or PS-0X
P/N: MD-X15
Download Specification Sheet
Download SPX-06/AZ&EL Spec. sheet
Download SPX-06/AZ&EL Spec. sheet

Download SPX-06/AZ&EL Antenna rotor Specifications Sheet. [816 KB]

SPX-06/AZ&EL 3D modeling Step file
SPX-06 in 3D Step file
SPX-06 in 3D Step file
  • On request we can provide a 3D .step file of our SPX-06 AZ&EL rotor system
  • Format: STEP file
  • Please Email if you are serious interested and planning to purchase a SPX-06 AZ&EL rotor system and need a 3D model to prepare your setup. You can use our Quote Request page.
Price SPX-06/AZ&EL/ABS rotor system incl MD-01 or MD-02 Controller

SPX-06/AZ&EL/ABS (Absolute Encoders) suplpied incl controller MD-01 or MD-02 and CanBus input module
Actual price, refer price list, Part Number: SPX-06/AZ&EL/ABS

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