Contruction of the parabolic dish

1....... 1.9 metre dish
1....... 1.9 metre dish

All mesh dish KIT's does have a milled center and 6mm mesh

Type 1.0 meter and 1.2 meter has a 8 rib contruction.
Type 1.5 meter and 1.9 meter has a 12 rib contruction.

Allmost all used material is Aluminium:

* Square profile 15x15x1.5mm for the ribs.
* Strip to hold the mesh 15x2mm.
* Hoop arround the dish is 15x3mm
* Mesh galvanized 6x6x0.6mm square or 2.8x2.8x0.5mm square
* Galvanized Mast clamp, several dimensions available.

Available dish feeds:

* Single, Dual & Tri-Band feed:

design and manufacture a wide range of RF DISH Feeds....

We can offer Linear single band, dual or tri band dish feeds from 1-10GHz, Helix dish feeds with Left Hand Circular Polarization, (or RHCP) from 1-4GHz, High power single band Horn Dish feeds.

We will be glad to E-mail you a quotation for your own frequency request, or use the Quote request page.

1.9 Meter Mesh Dish
1.9 Meter Mesh Dish Including 23cm dish horn feed.(Linear)

* SINGLE-Band High Power Horn feed:

A single band horn feed for 23, 13, 9 or 6cm. (F/D=0.45) is also available

Contruction in front of the dish is very stable, made of aluminium and mounted rost-free.

Comes with 3-leg support heavy duty mount. (23 & 13cm)
Type 9 & 6 cm feed is mounted on a special breacket.
The ready to use dish is built up within 10 Min.

23cm Horn feed
23cm Horn feed

23cm feed in front of the dish

The feed is mounted very stable in front of the dish.
All mounting material will be deliverd and is rost-free.

Ofcourse also available is a dish without feed.

Mount Contruction feed
Mount Contruction feed

Stable feed construction:

Mounted stable, and is adjustable !!
Material used is synthetic black POM and aluminium material
All mounting material is rost-free

12-Rib milled center
12-Rib milled center


On the picture right you can find the 12 rib CNC milled center.
This center is used for 1.5 and 1.9 meter dishes.
1.0 and 1.2 meter dishes uses a 8 CNC milled center.

The dish ribs are locked in it and secured with M-6 and M-8 scews.
Also used here is stainles steel mounting material.

Heavy duty mast clamp
Heavy duty mast clamp

HEAVY DUTY Mast clamp

All dishes comes including a heavy duty mast clamp.
Standard dimension deliverd mast clamp: 48...52mm

Available dimensions:

DIM#1. 32....38mm
DIM#2. 38....48mm
DIM#3. 48....52mm
DIM#4. 52....54mm


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