SPX-03 Elevation rotor & controller

SPX-03/EL is a Elevation rotor which can be mount on a vertical pole, is a Medium Duty Elevation Rotor.

SPX-03/EL Elevation rotation, Resolution 0.5 degree (P/N: SPX-03/EL

This Elevation rotor can be used for Dish antenna, Yagi antennas, Astronomy Tele scope, Camera, Light Box and many more which must be rotated in Elevation.
Standard supplied including Mast mount bracket and heavy duty Mounting Antenna Bracket and controller.

SPX-03/EL Controller...
SPX-03/EL Controller
SPX-03/EL Controller

Supplied controller comes with build in Track interface (USB), lot of tracking program available and easy to install on your Lap-Top or PC and connect the Controller through USB.
But if you prefer you can operate manual by pressing the buttons on the front of the panel or supplied mouse


of the SPX controllers which comes with each rotator:

Manual, Automatic, and Programmable modes
* Digital readout with 0.5 degree resolution
* Large easy to read soft green LED display
* Built in track interface (USB) USB cable included
* Easy to operate by supplied mouse

SPX-03/EL Control panel
SPX-03/EL Control panel

*This Elevation Rotator needs an external power supply of 12... max 18V DC.
Available power supplies page, (12Volt operation, Ideal for camping, DX'peditions, VHF/UHF rovering)
* Can be zeroed at any position to allow for installation inaccuracy or antenna mount slippage
* Full 180 degree Elevation rotation !! (with electronic limits Programmable limits ideal for side mount applications)
* Small front panel to simplify stacking several units takes up less valuable space
* Incl delivered control mouse (easy to control the rotation direct from mouse)

SPX-03/EL Rotator supplied incl:

SPX-03/EL is Standard supplied included:

Rotor with 0.5 degree resolution
* Heavy duty antenna mounting Bracket
* Mast mount bracket
* Controller incl Build in track interface (USB)
* Mouse
* USB Cable
* Connectors

Note: Operations volage is 12....18Volts DC
(Power supply is not included)

PRICE SPX-03/EL Elevation rotor full package:
Download SPX-03/EL Specifications Sheet
Download SPX-03/EL Specifications Sheet

We can supply several options to create your rotor:...

Download full SPX-03/EL Specifications sheet [453 KB] and options list.

Supplied incl. controller, built in track interface (USB), software, USB cable, special controll mouse, heavy duty mounting bracket
On request
Control cable, 4-core 1.5mm2 Refer Price list

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