Narda Coaxial relay, SPDT 24vdc,

NARDA 99899 Relais

Narda Coaxial relay, SPDT 24vdc, RF Coaxial Switch - Failsafe
Model: 023-A2-D1C-0B0


* They are rated for 1400W on 144MHz having an isolation of more than 90 dB
* At 6GHz there is still an isolation of around 80dB
* At 10GHz There is more than 60dB isolation / Insertion loss is 0,15dB at 10GHz.
* The relay is rated for 180W on 10GHz.
* The number on the relay (023-A2-D1C-0B0) states data up to 1GHz but the
series of this relay is up to 12GHz. I guess someone ordered a custom
made. They test fine up to 10GHz.
* Relay coil is 24V and works down to 16Vdc.
* on the relays there is an extra contact set for monitoring the position
* The Relay is 70x72x23mm and do have the 3 N connectors on the same side.
* Weight: 180 Gram

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Price EUR 195,- + Frieght charges
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