MD-0x Controller Firmware


Firmware update for all SPID High Resolution MD-0X controllers:

* Download New Firmware update for MD-0X Controller on this page.
(Press F2 button and F button same time to check your actual version)

Last update: 8-3-2023


SPID AND RF HAMDESIGN Did made a new development:

The new firmware version v.2.xxx is a high quality programmed solution for all MD-0X controllers. (MD-01 and MD-02 and MD-03)
Latest version can be downloaded from this page down below.

The basis for exact pulse counting is the improved algorithm programming and new options for soft stop/start, among other things.
Also added for the new SPID rotor series which use absolute encoders.
Lots of news for the future for SPID rotor users...........

Difference SPID Controllers MD-01, MD-02 and MD-03:.................
All controllers do have the same electronics.

Main difference is: enclosure.
MD-01 = 19" Rack mount enclosure (Same as Power supply PS-01)
MD-02 = Desktop enclosure (Same as Power supply PS-02)
MD-03 = Desktop enclosure small size, for use with standard rotators only (Replacement for Rot1Prog and Rot2Prog controller)
(MD-03 is usable for: SPID (BIG)RAK, RAU, (BIG)RAS, SPX-361, 362, 01, 02, 03)

Download New Firmware v.2.xxx MD-01 and MD-02 and MD-03 Controllers.

Latest version SPID MD-0x firmware available:............

PC User interface spidMD01DDE.exe and Firmware must match with each other !
Firmware version v2.xxx or higher must use PC user interface spidMD01DDE.exe v.2xxx or higher as well

Firmware update V2.0.236 MD-0X Controllers
(MD-01 and MD-02 and MD-03) Download NEW FIRMWARE [520 KB]
* (to download: Mouse click right / safe file)

Firmware upload tool:
To upload firmware we advise to use Flash Magic version v13.45 (WIN OS)
You can download it direct from FlashMagic web-site: https://www.flashmagictool.com/
The firmware upload instructions manual is based to this version.
(Note: There can be newer versions of Flash Magic but they have no addition at all to the version listed above)

PC User interface v.2.xxx SPIDMD01DDE.exe program
* Download User Interface tool to control your SPID MD-0X Controller and rotor from your PC and change, upload and download parameters,
Download this file and unpack spidMD01dde.exe and spidMD01dde.ini files: Download latest version spidMD01dde ZIP-File [1.312 KB]
Note: spidMD01DDE.exe is NOT a tracking program, just a tools to setup the controller more easy and sent basic rotation commands to the rotor.

Firmware Upload Cable

FWU-1100 Firmware Upload cable

Adaptor Cable to upload Firmware from WIN OS PC to MD-0x Controller.
(MD-01 and MD-02 and MD-03)

This USB to RS232 Serial cable Adaptor is used to upload the new firmware to your MD-0x Controller
Drivers are usable for WIN OS 10....11

* Input Port USB
* Output Port RS232
* Cable Length 1 meter
* Indicator LEDs provide status of Transmit (TX) and Receive (Rx)

Price EUR 49,80 incl VAT
(Export price EUR 41.16)

Part Number: FWU-1100