Upgrade to HR rotor

Complete Upgrade set as delivered

Upgraded BIG-RAS to BIG-RAS/HR

SPID UPGRADE SET for BIG-RAK, RAS and BIG-RAS to High Resolution rotor

New KIT to upgrade your excisting SPID, model RAS or BIG-RAS rotor to a High Resolution Rotor.

This KIT Contains the full upgrade to change over your rotor to a High Resolution rotor which can be controlled now by the new MD-01 controller which has much more functions available to drive and track your rotor system.

PRICE RAS / BIG-RAS rotor EUR. 545.00
PRICE BIG-RAK rotor EUR. 499.00

Upgrade set delivered: incl MD-01 or MD-02 controller and manual

MD-01 and MD-02 info can be found at our /HR rotor page:

New sensor is placed

Puls counting reed relais at excisting rotor must be removed

To mount new sesor you need a hand driller and a 2.5 + 8mm metal drill.

Part of the new HALL sensor Unit

New HALL sensors will be placed at Azimuth and Elevation

Upgraded BIG-RAS rotor

New junctions box will be placed and MD-01 controller can be connected