SPX X-Y Rotor

SPX X-Y rotor included mounted ARM1

The SPX X-Y rotators are desigend to track satellites.
Most industrial installations for the reception of meteorological satellites use X-Y rotors.

Drawing of X-Y rotor and ARM2 and Yagi Antenna

Choosing this type of rotor is not accidental..... A small list of advantages of this type of rotor is Medium speed in both axes, the absence of "dead zone" in the zenith and the problems associated to the crossing of the azimuth 0 degrees.
Drawing of how this X-Y rotor will do the job.

Dual-Ax SPX X-Y controller

SPX X-Y Controller

* Twin Green LED digital readout for X-Y ax
* Integrated computer interface (USB)
* Manual or computer control.
* 1 degree resolution.
* Modified 'mouse' supplied for easy manual control.


SPX X-Y Rotor + ARM1 Model 1

2 model SPX AX-400 available:

Model SPX AX-400/1 = Light-Duty rotor - Drawing + Dimensions SPX X-Y/1
Model SPX AX-400/2 = Duty Rotor - Drawing + Dimensions SPX X-Y/2

Drawing + dimensions SPX X-Y incl ARM2


Available OPTIONS:

Each Model SPX X-Y rotor is supplied including ARM1 or ARM2
Dimensions ARM1 [29 KB] and ARM2 [27 KB]

Option available:
ARM2 extra mount option, Price ARM2, EUR (refer product PDF)

Download SPX X-Y Rotor info sheet configuration list

Download SPX X-Y Rotor info sheet [507 KB] configuration list

Download SPX Accessiories LIST [1.816 KB]

Specifications Weight Kg Torques Nm Max load X Nm Max Load Y Nm Rotation Speed @ 15Volts DC / 360 degree
SPX X-Y/1 7,5 50 50 50 50
SPX X-Y/2 9,5 80 80 80 50
Rotator SPX X-Y Model 1
Delivered incl. controller, built in track interface (USB), software, USB cable, special controll mouse.
EUR 585,00
Rotator SPX X-Y Model 2
Delivered incl. controller, built in track interface (USB), software, USB cable, special controll mouse.
Available on request
SPX X-Y rotor needs 8-core control cable Refer Price list


SPX X-Y Antenna Rotor

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