SPX Light Antenna Rotors

RF HAMDESIGN New SPX Light Weight Antenna Rotor

The SPX AZ, AZ &EL and X-Y rotor is a 4-wire light-duty antenna rotator (AZ & EL 8-wire) and is a fairly strong rotator with continuous Puls feedback and is accurate to within 1 degree (Option 0.2 degree).

The DC motor has strong enough torque to break ice and rotate a large VHF/UHF antenna under strong wind loads and icy conditions. The antenna mast-mount plate is as option available, standard supplied for mounting at a flat plate.

The control unit has a large display digital readout in degree.

SPX offers 6 model Antenna rotators:

Type: SPX-A360, Azimuth, Model 1 and 2
Type: SPX AX400, Azimuth & Elevation, Model 1 and 2
Type: SPX X-Y, Azimuth & Elevation, Model 1 and 2 (Not Available)
Type: SPX MB90, Mobile Tilt Rotor, Model 1 and 2

Model 1 = Light-Duty rotor / Model 2 = Duty Rotor

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