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Now Availble:

# NEW Model USB Rotor Interface Controller for Azimuth and Azimuth + Elevation (this page)

# And EA4TX RELAYBOX-5, now in stock, refer info page:

Rotator Control with USB:

2 Models available, for Azimuth only and Azimut/Elevation, they are useable with nearly any Rotator
Useable with nearly any software For all operatinons system which support USB (Windows XP, Vista, Win7 (32/64Bit), Mac OS X, Linux)

New in the USB device rotor controller:......

The unit includes: 16 x 2 Display, that shows the position of the antenna the preset value and relay status
* 4 buttons for manual control and special operations: Two of the buttons work as a Preset manual.
* The microprocessor software or firmware is downloadable by the USB port itself, thanks to a bootloader included, which allows you to upload new versions without Eprom or replace something in the hardware.
* ARS-USB Build in a handy enclosure, gives a professional looking and functional product.
* The ARS-USB runs on Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000. Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

ARS-USB without cover

ARS USB Interface:......

The ARS-USB Rotator Interface allows computer controlled operation of an antenna rotator.
The interface is connected to the computer with just one USB cable (included). The drivers (included) simulate a virual serial port (COM port) which can be used with nearly any satellite tracking or contest software.
Due to the flexible design of the interface hardware, the ARS-USB can be used with nearly any rotator.
Rotators with and without brake are supported.

The protocol (the commands) used by the ARS-USB is the same as used by Yaesu, so any program supporting Yaesu rotators can be used with the ARS-USB.
Before operating the interface it must be calibrated to the rotator.

ARS USB unit rear view

ARSVCOM software:.....

The included ARSVCOM software (for Windows) allows a computer control independently from any other satellite or contest program. This software is also used for calibration.
The ARSVCOM program can be used at the same time as another rotator control program.

The power supply of the interface is not done by USB, but requires an external 12VDC .200mA
A open ended DC cable is included, as well as an USB cable. CD ROM contains the english manual and the ARSVCOM software.

Prices EA4TX Units.....

ARS-USB incl CD-Rom


Delivered manual explains the installation step by step, with the majority of market controllers: Yaesu, Kenpro, Hy-Gain, Prosistel, Orion, etc.

PRICE: NEW ARS-USB Azimuth Unit EUR 161,-
PRICE: NEW ARS-USB Azimuth & Elevation Unit EUR 233,-


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OLD DEVICE Stil available, Sale price !!!


AZ & EL Board = SOLD OUT

Azimuth Board still available

Click here for Duth version

ARS Azimuth board
This ARS Azimuth board (12cm x 12cm) is available for Azimuth operation with all the components at the same PCB.
It's connected to the computer via LPT Port.
This board is the basic option that let handle the Azimuth rotator.

There are 3 relays available:
* Left turn
* Right turn
* AUX, usefull for those rotors that include a Brake or Speed control.

* 1 x 10 bits ADC.
* 1 interface for computer LPT Port.
* 2 x Multi turn trimmers for Azimuth adjustment (CCW & CW)
* Input from the rotor Pot. feedback supports differencial mode and Ground reference.
SALE, SALE PRICE ARS Rotator interfaces (Inc. VAT) EURO
AZIMUTH Rotator interface 10-bits, inc. software Win 98....XP, PC-Cable Sale Price: 90,00