RF HAMDESIGN is an engineering oriented organization specializing in the design and manufacture of high performance parabolic antennas, computer controlled Antenna Rotators, 3dB high power RF couplers, RF High Power Antenna power splitters, directional RF couplers and more items for RF transmission from HF through Microwave frequencies.

4.5 Meter Dish during test installation

RF HAMDESIGN is equipped with Network analyzers, power meters, frequency counters for 10Hz - 26,5GHz.
We are using e.g. Marconi, HP, Hameg, Rhode&Schwarz, Rigol Measurement Equipment.

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3-D ash plumes from Sabancaya volcano (Peru) (SPID RAS/HR and STR-04 TriPod)

SPID / RF HAMDESIGN Supplied BIG-RAS and Tri-Pod to Peru !!

3-D ash plumes from Sabancaya volcano (Peru) by millimeter-wave radar.
Some photos to illustrate the recent campaign ClerVolc / IRD measurements of ash plumes of the Sabancaya volcano (Peru) by radar remote sensing and disdrometer.

SPX-03, New Azimuth & Elevation rotor,
SPX-03 is a new model Elevation rotator including heavy duty mounted antenna bracket
Avaialable in Standard (0.5 degree) and High Resolution (0.2 degree) model
More info: SPX-03 Rotor system

RF HAMDESIGN in ITALY: Biennale Arte 2017 | La Biennale di Venezia
An Italian Artist did liked our 3Meter Mesh dishes and placed 3 of them as an art object in Venice Italie !!

This 57th International Art Exhibition, titled Biennale Arte 2017, is open to the public from Saturday May 13th to Sunday November 26th, at Arsenale and Giardini venues, and in several locations in Venice.
The show features 120 invited artists, 103 of these are participating for the first time, 86 National Participations, Special Projects, and 23 Collateral Events.
More info: http://www.artuner.com

RF HAMDESIGN 1M2 Dish and ISS Dish feed used to make contact with the ISS Station !

Shane VK4KHZ (Australia):........

On Tuesday morning at 1:19am, local Queensland time (Mon 2016-06-13 15:19:15) Shane was asked by the ARISS team to attempt a live video link up with the ISS utilising the HAMTV equipment and my ground station located in Glenden Queensland Australia.
The used ground station (1M2 Dish and ISS Dish feed) was supplied by RF HAMDESIGN.
More info can be found here

3M0 Mesh DISH Build in 6-PETAL !

Now available: 3 Meter (10ft) Mesh Dish incl mounted Mesh supplied in 6-Petal
New product page 3M0 DISH/6P

BRITE: First Polish Scientific Satellite Station

Tracking by SPID rotor and RF HAMDESIGN 3 Meter Dish

A CubeSat is a miniaturised satellite (10x10x10 cm, weighing 1 kg) which offers all the standard functions of a normal satellite.

RF HAMDESIGN has delivered complete receiving and transceiving antenna dishes and track systems for these projects.

Typically, some university builds a CubeSat and launches it into low-Earth orbit. It also builds or already has available a ground station to track the CubeSat and enable uplink/downlink telecommunications by using a parabolic dish antenna and a SPID track system......

More info on CubeSat can be found at: https://www.qb50.eu/

Suitable Tracking Dish Antenna Rotators incl build in track interface can be found at our SPID rotator page

Project in Poland, there Scientific Satellite by SPID and RF HAMDESIGN Equipment, find more in at: http://www.brite-pl.pl/index_en.html

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Last update: 30-3-2019

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BIG-RAS/HR AZ & EL ROTOR NEW !!! SPID BIG-RAS/HR, Azimuth & Elevation High Resolution model !

3 Meter DISH KIT NEW DESIGN, more info......

7/16-Series Dir. Coupler Flat output coupling, Max 2.5kW

Offset Dish Horn Dish Feed 10 GHz & 24 GHz, More.........

ELAD FDM-DUO Special offer: FREE SHIPMENT World-Wide

4.5 Meter DISH KIT More......

RAU - AZ Light Version SPID, Type RAU light version Azimuth Rotator, more......

Power Splitters 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 way, with N-connecotor or 7/16 DIN, NEW 50MHz splitters more.....

10GHz MESH DISH KIT Available as 1 & 1.2 Meter Dish Kit